16 Spectacular Above Ground Pool Ideas You Should Steal

Above Ground Pool Ideas – In the summer, people like spending few hours in the swimming pool. Do you do the same? However, you may hate the way your above ground pool looks in your backyard.

Actually, it is pretty easy to make it clean and wallet-friendly. Read these above ground pool ideas and get some lovely inspirations.

With the right design ideas, your above ground pool can be so aesthetically pleasing and as good as inground pool. So, there is no time to pass up on your dream swimming pool. Because these ideas are covered to fit any backyard’s size and budget.

Cool Above Ground Pool Ideas

Swimming pool is exactly your backyard oasis. To create an ultra comfy environment, you can create the poolside which depends on your personal preference. If you live at the hillside, you are surely able to build cool above earth swimming pool.

Multi-colored flagstones are utilized here to give an additional beauty to the pool. It is better to build 2 different sizes of above ground pool, small and large. Small one is specifically designed to your kids. Enjoy panoramic natural landscapes while lounging around in the pool.

Above Ground Pool Deck Kits

Above Ground Po Ideas

image source: hustopia.com

When you have too much time, it is better to install the above ground pool by yourself. There are plenty of installation kits available. The prices usually vary and depend on the sizes. Quality of the deck also affects its price for sure. On the other hand, if you are too busy, just call a professional installer.

The project get started by purchasing wooden deck kits. Then, you need to frame the floors, set its posts and piers, lay the deck and build the quadrails. By opting to wooden deck kits, it will give warm touches to your swimming pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Decks

Above Ground Pool Ideas

This is another nice pool deck. Use raised wooden decking to your swimming pool. You shall choose narrow wooden slats. Moreover, build the pool fences using metallic stainless steels. The combination of wooden deck and stainless fences will add stronger structure to the pool.

To create a playful pool time, make sure there is a waterslide on the deck. Wanna cozy above ground pool? As a builder, you have to feature it with mini-sized wooden roof. So, it is such great place to take a break after swimming for few hours.

Above Ground Pool Edging Ideas

Above Ground Pool Edging Ideas Images

If you want to build an outdoor above ground pool, you are highly recommended to use good quality bricks as the edge of swimming pool. The bricks would create an infinity look to your own oasis. Grey-colored bricks match perfectly with your outdoor concept.

Use brick borders for your pool edging is such clever idea. Your swimming pool fellows may guess that your pool is built for decades. Plus, the water falls are stunningly coming out of the brick edges. Instantly, you realise how timeless your swimming pool is.

Rocks Around Above Ground Pool

Around Above Ground Pool Pinterest

Cylinder above ground pool seems to bore you. Do not worry! Because there are tons of endless options for landscaping around your pool. River rocks become the most popular rocks to decorate pool’s borders. Buy river rocks and clean them out using water.

River rocks come in various shapes, colors and sizes. Choose the rocks which fit nicely with your pool. After landscaping, you absolutely get surprised. Because your backyard oasis looks so charming. The river rocks make your pool so beautiful as well. It is the time to give compliment to your pool.

Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Inground Pool Landscaping Ideas
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As the owner, you certainly want to have a private and safe swimming pool. However, do not forget to consider the beauty aspect of your inground pool. So, you will always feel convenient. Landscaping an inground pool with non-messy plants.

One of the best choices is broadleaf bush like Hetz Japanese holly. Since foliage plants provides visual interest, you could opt to them as well. These plants do not have prickly leaves. Plus, the plants are not bee-magnets. Keep them in your mind when non-atracting bee plants are your ultimate priorities.

Backyard Pool Ideas on A Budget

Backyard Pool Ideas on A Budget
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Typically, build a backyard pool needs large amount of money. It becomes factor that discourage a person to make a pool.

Do you think the same problem? Luckily, inexpensive above ground pool does exist. There is an affordable way to install your marvelous pool. Before installing your backyard pool, go to the store to buy wooden pallets.

Then, create pool’ walls, basis and perimeter using wooden pallets. Keep the pallets in their original shapes. Cover the surface of your pool with blue-colored plastic layer. Be sure there is no single hole because it can cause leakage.

Despite it is money-saving idea, your backyard still looks good. Since it is relatively small, clean the pool becomes much easier. Making splashes in this pool will be a refreshing activity especially in the hot weather.

Although it comes in unusual form, it is worth installing. Most importantly, you all will be having fun.

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas Images
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You may focus too much on the design of your above ground pool. In fact, its landscape is always neglected. A landscape does really matter because it affects on how your pool looks like. So, it is the time to pay attention on pool’s landscape.

Kill the existing grass on the ground. After that, plant the seed of Bermuda grass in the new lawns. Fill your backyard with Bermuda grass is indeed best option. Because it is simply known as lush grass. Uniquely, it can be planted in warm regions as well.

By planting Bermuda grass, your above ground pool gets new green color which helps beautify your pool’s look. Moreover, the grass also has nice texture and shape.

If your’s deck is made of solid material, you are strongly urged to plant Bermuda grass. Surprisingly, the landscape will be so organized and clean.

Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

Above Ground Pool Fence
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Whether you build an inground or above ground pool, fence should be paramountly included. Fence helps enclose your backyard oasis. Plus, it avoids your kids from swimming in the pool without any adult supervision. By installing fence, your kids can play the water games safely.

If you start thinking about pool fenching, wrought iron fencing is the most recommended one. You are able to incorporate rustic and French-industrial style into your above ground pool.

Moreover, wrought iron fenching matchs perfectly with large decked-swimming pool. It does not only keep your pool accessories within, but also looks nice. In fact, wrought iron fenching gets dusty easily. With proper maintenance, it is pretty easy to clean.

Modern Above Ground Pool Ideas

Cool and Modern Above Ground Pool
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People usually creates a traditional design of swimming pool. Sometimes, it makes you to carve out a fresher design. If you are the one who like splashing around in the new-styled above ground pool, you can find the satisfying asnwer. I promise, you would love this modern pool.

Install fiberglass border partially or fully on your above earth pool. When fiberglass border surrounds your pool, it may change the way the pool looks. Fiberglass has visual effects to create zero-edge pool design. In addition, fiberglass border makes your pool more stylish.

The interesting part of using fiberglass borders is you can see the picturesque garden view under water. Since it is contemporary above ground pool, you just need to install small deck. It really fits with the sleek design of your modern swimming pool. You won’t be classic pool enthusiast anymore.

Above Ground Pool Ideas for Small Yards

Best Above Ground Pool Ideas for Small Yards

Most of the times, you might think that narrow above ground pool is not as amazing as large pool. It is seriously wrong. Because there is a wide range of above ground pool sizes, including for small yards. Surprisingly, the narrow one is still able to meet your need.

Beautify your tiny yard by building customised precast circular plunge pool out of the ground. I bet your kids love swimming in the pool. This pool also offers hours of enjoyment. Sure, you will also like dipping yourself into the plunge pool as well.

Fortunately, this precast plunge pool does not cost as expensive as the other above ground pools. You can save a lot of your money. Once you play in this swimming pool, you never get out of the water for sure. It has snugly design and complements small area of your yard.

Above Ground Pool Decorating Ideas

Above Ground Pool Decorating Ideas on Pinterest
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It seems that you solely focus on installing your pool and its deck. The exterior is as important as your above ground pool. In reality, there are many options of decorating swimming pool which make you overwhelmed. By decorating your pool, it looks more stunning than usual.

This Mediterranean-styled above ground pool is outfitted with pool ladders. For the decoration, there are some ceramic tiles made of clays. They truly suit for wet area like above ground pool.

Beige-colored clay tiles surely add warm touches to the pool. Despite of their simple designs, they still look so alluring. Best of all, the tiles are low-maintenance.

Above Ground Pool Lighting Ideas

Amazing Above Ground Pool Lighting Ideas
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When it comes to pool installation, you tend to forget about pool lighting. Without lighting, you could not do your favorite water sport in the night.

Moreover, great pool lighting will create a surreal effect to your above ground pool. Your midnight dip in the pool is gonna be so enjoyable.

The best way to light your above ground pool is installing LED pool lights. There are some advantages you get. First, they are really energy efficient and save your budget. Second, LED lights have unquestionably long lasting quality. Third, they are such eco-friendly pool lights.

Since, LED lights give powerful pool lighting, your swimming pool has great visibility. Install the LED lights closer to the edge of pool. As amazing pool lights, LEDs definitely could add layers of magic.

DIY Above Ground Pool Ideas

DIY Above Ground Pool Ideas
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Construct pool with the help of professional is indeed costly. Luckily, you still can make a simple above ground pool. Of course, it becomes much easier to install and does not need tons of effort.

DIY swimming pool is real way to go. This idea helps convert your overlooked backyard into refreshing pool.

First of all, buy shipping container either on the online store or at local port. To make your rust shipping container like a brand new, paint it. After that, use light blue-colored plastic layer to cover shipping container pool’s surface. The coolest swimming pool is done.

Japanese-Themed Above Ground Pool Framework

Asian Above Ground Pool
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When you are looking for pool’s framework, do not hesitate to take the cues from Japanese-styled soaking tub. The bathtub is usually made of selected wood like Hinoki, light-colored cypress. As finishing options, there are teak and red cedar.

Sure, you can transform your pool into awesome backyard swimming area. Build your above ground pool in square or rectangular shape, then carve it from Hinoki. Then, use red cedar for finishing your pool.

Interestingly, Japanese bathtub is widely installed at luxury hotels. So, you will feel its glamorous vibes when you are soaking up in the sun.

Furthermore, Japanese-inspired tub framework also creates calming and harmonious effects. It would be great if your pool is surrounded by natural materials like grass and trees.

Romantic Above Ground Pool Lighting Ideas

Romantic Above Ground Pool Lighting Ideas
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If you want to light your above earth pool in an unique way, you are highly recommended to purchase warm lights. For instances, you can install string lights and light bulbs. These lights are perfect, because they are not extremely bright.

Plus, tiki torches, lanterns and candles do work for lighting up the outdoor oasis. The soft lightings are not only affordable, but also gives peaceful vibes to pool parties. They also help glam up your impressive outdoor oasis. Before lounging around, make sure you extinguish the flames.


Therefore if you start designing your backyard summer oasis, do not forget to steal one of those above ground pool ideas. I guarantee you will be so ready splashing around the swimming area.