19 Awesome Accent Wall Ideas to Transform Your Living Room

Accent Wall Ideas – When you see your home, is every room how you envisioned it to be? If not, adding an accent wall structure is one way to change your chosen room. Let your empty wall be considered a canvas of chance for creation and manifestation.

Whether you want to splash a wall membrane with a excellent pop of color or add consistency, we’ve put together 30 different accent wall membrane ideas so that you can explore.

To start developing your own wall structure, brainstorm the sort of environment you want your friends to experience. Have you been choosing warm and appealing or remarkable? This all is determined by the personality of your house.

Also, consider basic color theory and the structures of the area. This can help you bring the area alive. Start your minuscule makeover by using our feeling boards to find home decor creativity for your room.

Art Display Accent Wall

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Nothing exhibits your personality more than your flavour in fine art. Whether you choose to hang up the phone large abstract paintings or rustic wall membrane art, it shows your look. This makes having a skill display well suited for a location where guests accumulate like your living room.

The main element to a great accent wall structure pattern is to produce a statement. By giving a center point with personal artwork or images, you’ll draw friends in. They will be interested in the pieces outlined on your wall structure and their value. The art could even spark interesting dialog as guests become familiar with individuals behind the house.

Geometric Pattern Accent Wall

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If you like modern decoration, a geometric accent wall membrane pattern is an elegant way to distinguish your home. You can not only liven up an area with pops of color, nevertheless, you can design an remarkable wall. A whole lot of interior design assignments feature triangles, but there are so a great many other patterns to explore.

Consider squares, hexagons and some other figures that you envision adorning your wall membrane. With regards to accent wall membrane colors, there are no limitations. Blend and match to generate an eye-catching backdrop. Once you conclude, you will have a bold design that transforms your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Painted Accent Wall

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Have you contemplated changing the colour of your surfaces but can’t quite commit? Painting a good color accent wall structure is one way to test. Another idea is to coloring different habits to showcase a great and interesting feature wall structure. Before you pop open up your car paint cans, choose which wall membrane makes the best center point.

For instance, you may use bright accent wall structure colors to emphasize special architectural features just like a winding staircase or beautiful glass windows. Also, make sure the other wall space aren’t contending for focus on avoid a cluttered and occupied room. After the paint is dry out, put in a nice finishing touch with large wall membrane art or your selected photos.

Molding Accent Wall

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Don’t assume all accent wall idea involves vibrant color. If you want to keep things simple or prefer a far more subtle update, molding is the ideal solution. It’s an elegant choice that breaks up the dimensions of an area with the addition of depth. Molding also creates a decorative transition between walls and floors.

Because this accent wall idea has a number of materials available, you have overall flexibility with the look. Moldings and baseboards come in wood, foam, rubber and plastic. Whether updating your bedroom or living room, guests will appreciate the architectural charm molding adds.

Stencil Accent Wall

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Buying fun DIY project? You will want to use stencils on your accent wall! Stencil patterns are as beautiful and diverse as wallpaper. Really the only difference is they take half enough time to set up and are a far more affordable option.

You are able to create your own stencil or find the one that suits your decor. Before continue with a design, check its durability. From taping to painting, you will want stencil that can last your complete project. Mandalas, flowers and Moroccan patterns all lead to an eye-catching accent wall idea.

Mural Accent Wall

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When is the last time you remember seeing a mural in a friend’s home? Not many people are brave enough to take action this daring so it is pretty rare. But if you are up to the task, this is one way to make an unforgettable statement.

You don’t need to worry about causeing this to be a long lasting decision either. By installing a chalkboard you give yourself the freedom to generate new artwork once you like. No real matter what kind of mural you select, guests will have an extraordinary wall to gaze at that they don’t find somewhere else.

Wallpaper/Fabric Accent Wall

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Wallpaper or fabric accent walls give a mesmerizing center point and can also set the mood of an area. A tropical floral print may help you unwind after an extended day, while a neon print stimulates your brain. That is why it’s no more essential to wallpaper a whole room to make it stick out.

Instead, choosing one wall to feature provides balance with the complete decor. It is also an appealing way to divide space within an open-plan home by dictating the ambiance in each room. Interesting wallpapers and fabrics to consider include geometric, monochrome, chevron and floral designs.

Wood Accent Wall

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Love the feel of the cabin retreat or an area that reminds you of life at sea? A lumber accent wall structure works for both. Not forgetting, it suits a number of interior decoration styles. Anything from rustic to antique or nautical design all mix well with this textured accent wall structure.

You additionally have the creative flexibility to color or stain the hardwood planks. So merge it up with a multi-colored real wood accent wall structure or get a excellent beach stained wall structure that can make friends feel right at home.

Stunning Accent Wall Ideas In Purple

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A purple accent wall structure can truly add a deadly turn to your otherwise boring living room. You could create a crimson accent wall by just discussing hoards of websites that keep stimulating you about new accent wall structure color ideas placed by decorators, or by talking to friends and depending by yourself creativity.

Whatever you might do, it’s likely that that with an accent wall membrane that’s splashed with crimson, you have 100% likelihood to getting accolades from friends and everyone that involves your house. In the event that you go through the wall membrane painting ideas shown below, you will notice how spectacular all the crimson walls look.

Crimson is a gorgeous color and may bring freshness like no other color. Try painting accent wall space wholly in crimson, or in blend with others to include more material. Adding Damask crimson wallpaper on your feature wall membrane will definitely make your living room end up being the focal point of your property.

If you want portraying an artsy aspect of your personality, increase some trendy paintings on the purple accent wall membrane. Floral purple habits on feature wall surfaces look stunning too.

Astonishing Accent Wall Ideas With Geometric Designs

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Go through the most beautiful highlight wall membrane painting ideas that contain offered inspirational and beautiful geometric designs that you can choose if you’ve planned to include some chicness to your feature surfaces.

Geometric designs add more pleasurable and boldness to an attribute or an accent wall structure. You could choose the cool geometric habits like the ones that are shown below. The feature wall membrane of 1 living room has been colored with rectangular habits in white with a greyish backdrop which offers an extremely pleasing look.

On another accent wall membrane, you will place triangles in haphazard manner over a grey coated backdrop. The marketing or the pantry wall can own an accent wall membrane in geometric habits as well.

The orange chevron designs on the feature wall membrane of 1 living room below will take your eyes from the other features in the area and helps it be set on the vibrant geometric wall structure.

So, when thinking about creating an accent wall membrane for your living room, try any one of the awesome geometrical habits and observe how pleasurable your room becomes immediately!

Gorgeous Accent Walls With Floral Designs

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Your accent wall structure assists with creating a particular look for your living room and gives a definite style to its design. Accent wall membrane ideas with floral habits add freshness and are always popular. Plants can be decorated on an attribute wall in several colors and add much femininity to an area.

On looking below, you will identify many living spaces that contain metamorphosed themselves into abodes of tranquility and sooth. You can choose to coloring big floral designs on an attribute wall right above the fire place, or can color blossoms or small floral habits as you prefer.

Though, we’ve presented a pretty assortment of these below, yet, the the one which attracts our attention is the brownish choco feature wall membrane projecting a huge yellowish floral design over it. The accent wall structure with red high floral designs also appears very quite.

While, you might set your eye on painting highlight walls with blooms, we would also advice you to definitely go set for floral wallpaper options when likely to create an attribute wall structure for your living room.

Alluring Chalkboard Accent Wall Ideas

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Wall structure painting ideas with chalkboard are circulating generally in most websites working with interior adornment as chalkboard wall surfaces are a fresh decor trend that a lot of folks are pursuing more recently.

An attribute or an accent wall membrane can look to become more fashionable and smarter looking when they are colored using chalkboard shades of charcoal dark colored.

A very important thing about obtaining a feature wall structure in chalkboard is the fact you can create mysterious crafts on the wall membrane by yourself. Second of all, since chalkboard car paint is so that it gives you to remove old designs easily, you have freedom to generate new habits as you prefer on your wall structure.

Below, we’ve showcased a few creative chalkboard accent wall structure ideas that will add luster to your living room interior.

Pleasing Stone Accent Walls In Living Rooms

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A feature wall can be built out of rocks to provide a dash of luxuriousness to the inside of a full time income room. A natural stone accent wall structure can be produced to look simple or you additionally have the freedom to make complex designs of fine art onto it depending on your preferences and budget.

A very important thing about using rock accented walls in your own home is the fact you can live green and natural without losing some of nature’s natural resources.

Also, you may use very commonly and cheaply available rocks to obtain a feature wall membrane that speaks quantities about style and style. The accent wall membrane above the fire place too can have a stony look that becomes the guts of everyone’s attention.

Cool Living Room With Blue Accent Wall Colors

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Your feature wall membrane can be coated utilizing a variety of accent wall structure colors that are proposed by interior decorators, but you can find one color that goes much beyond evaluation. Yes, this color is blue and you will color your accent wall structure with different shades of computer and in a number of patterns.

Some individuals prefer to go full blue when making their feature wall space, while, others prefer to use other colours and designs to include more to the fun and appearance. A blue accented feature wall membrane appears more aesthetically attractive and soothing than other tones.

Blue also sticks out among others, thus building a contrasting impact. Seen here are several best blue accented feature wall surfaces that people have handpicked for you. Scroll down and take creativity from these!

Accent Wall Ideas With Stunning 3D Panels

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When there is one kind of accent wall that can liven up the design of your living room, it should be the main one that’s made with 3D panels. 3D wall panels will be the latest trend in home design nowadays with different homes flaunting beautiful feature walls manufactured from these in a variety of shapes and colors.

3D panels can be purchased in various textures as well. You are able to check with decorators and choose a complete selection of new designs to improve your feature walls.

When you have a fireplace screened inside the accent wall, just do it in fitting 3D panels that replicate the appearance of stones or tiles. Your media wall too can be designed as an accent wall that’s embellished with 3D panels in a variety of tones.

Gorgeous Accent Wall Colors In Orange

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Painting accent walls is obviously a choice when you don’t want to embellish these with panels, or stones. There will vary colors that work wonders on an attribute wall, and we’ve spoken about those hateful pounds like blue and purple already to offer some idea.

Now, we are showing you an incredible assortment of pictures that contain featured living spaces with feature walls styled up with orange. An orange toned wall will not simply improve your living room but will also add much warmth and freshness to its decor.

There are many tones of orange you can use for designing an accent wall along with intricate patterns.

Pleasing Accent Wall Painting Ideas With Water Colors

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A water color accent wall is a fresh addition to home design numerous experimental projects flaunting feature walls that are painted with various fresh shades of water colors. Water colors put in a unique charm to your wall and appearance very perky and stylish.

A couple of umpteen amount of artsy designs you can craft with an accent wall painted with various water colors. If you’d like, you can create some life infusing abstract art on your feature walls to liven up your decor.

From floral, to geometric to intricate designs, there are a huge selection of patterns to paint with bright and artistic water colors. Taking a look at the existing popularity of the trend, we could bringing below an inspiring assortment of water color painted feature walls for you all. Enjoy!

Stylish Wooden Accent Walls In Living Room

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Who said that the humble wood must only find devote your furniture and ceilings? More recently, most interior decorators are taking on projects whereby their clients are asking them to include feature walls made with wood.

If you want a warm living room that exudes smartness, there is absolutely no looking at other things apart from wood in your interior. Your media wall can be beautified with a wooden panel and can be changed into an accent wall.

Wooden pallets too can be utilized by using an accent wall to make a rustic look, if not spruce yo your wall with wooden logs to make a unique accented wall.

Astonishing Accent Walls In Mirrors

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Like wood, there may be another trend that’s catching up fast numerous decorators, and that might be mirrored accent or feature walls. There are many reasons why you need to go set for an attribute wall that is mirrored or has components of it.

Firstly, mirrors build a feel of any wider space and can make an area look spacious and huge. Secondly, the wonder of mirrors is unparalleled to any. For a straightforward or a dull looking living room, you could have an accent wall that is embellished with an enormous mirror or chunks than it. You can also create intricate designs using mirrors and artwork.