Make Your Home Beautiful with Cool Baseboard Style Ideas

Baseboards Styles – You may find it surprising that there are some baseboard style ideas which can improve the appearance of your home. What do you know about baseboards? Well, it is possible that they are not the first part of your home decor.

In fact, these baseboards can also affect the look of your home. If you have made some changes when decorating your home, you will realize that you need to do something with baseboards too. Check some ideas that we have listed below.

Best Baseboard Style Ideas for Enhancing Your Home

baseboard style photo
baseboard style photo

If you notice that your baseboards are dull and boring, then using our baseboard style ideas will help you handle this issue. There are some people who have realized that baseboards can also be used to transform their living space. If you want to follow the same path, then you can check our guides here.

Vinyl Baseboard Styles

One of the most popular styles that you can consider when decorating your home with baseboards is a vinyl baseboard style. What we really like is that a vinyl baseboard style can be cut or mitered. They are available in all the profiles which can be utilized in services or houses.

Change the Shape and Look with Baseboard Moldings

If you have never used baseboard moldings, then it is time to change the look of your baseboard with them. What are the baseboard moldings? They are actually extra pieces that can be added to your original baseboard. Adding these baseboard moldings allow you to change the look and shape of your baseboard easily.

When you are looking for baseboard moldings, you can also find some choices that can give a small streak of color to your original baseboard. Another benefit is that you can also make your original baseboard taller. In other words, using baseboard moldings is the easiest way to change the look or shape of your original baseboard.

How to Choose the Right Baseboard Molding Material

baseboard style modern
baseboard style modern

If you want to use baseboard moldings, then it is important that you know how to get the right molding material. Remember that each material has its own downsides and benefits. The following are some popular materials that you can consider.

  • Pine

If you are looking for an affordable option, then pine is definitely the best answer. It is an affordable material which can be used as a perfect option for trim. Using pine helps you save more money without ignoring other important aspects.

  • Medium Density Fiberboard

The next choice is to use medium density fiberboard. It is a great choice if you want to paint your trim in the future. But if you are looking for credibility, then you must consider another option. Choose wood if you want to stain your trim so that it will match with your flooring.

  • Wood

It is the most popular material that many homeowners choose. Wood offers many benefits that other materials can’t offer. The biggest benefit is that it really helps you a lot if you want to stain the trim so that it will match with the existing molding. You must choose wood if your main goal is to create a high-end look for your home.

Learn How to Use Different Shapes

When you are shopping for new baseboards, you may realize that most of them are pretty straightforward. However, you don’t have to follow this rule. Instead, you can experiment with different shapes. For example, if you love a rustic home, then you can use uneven wood so that you can create a more realistic looking frame.

Use Colonial Baseboard Styles

We have mentioned vinyl baseboard styles before, but there are still other styles that you can use to decorate your home. Colonial baseboard styles should be included on your list if you need other popular styles.

What are the benefits of colonial baseboard styles? Well, these styles can bring comfort into any room. What makes colonial baseboard styles special is that they have a proportioned character and profile. If you want to decorate your home with a colonial standard design, then there is no better choice than using these colonial baseboard styles.

Add Small Lights

baseboard style modern
baseboard style modern

When it comes to decorating your home with baseboards, it is a good idea if you think outside of the box. What does it mean? It means that you can try some ideas that you have never thought before.

For example, you can put small lights along your baseboard so that you can create a polished appearance for your baseboard. Using small lights will also add character to the atmosphere of your room. Adding some lights will also make your baseboard functional.

Paint Your Original Baseboard

Using baseboard moldings is not the only option that you can consider. Another way to make your original baseboard look more beautiful is to paint it. You have known that you can add a pop of color with baseboard moldings, but painting your original baseboard is also a good idea.

Make sure that you choose the right color. For example, you can use a bold color scheme. It is possible to use the traditional white and combine it with other rich colors.

How to Paint Your Baseboard the Right Way

Painting your original baseboard is easy, but if you are not sure how to do it correctly then you can read our tips. Many interior designers believe that painting the baseboard is the most effective way to update your home without spending a lot of money. It doesn’t really matter whether you want to go with one color to another, all you need to do is to apply a fresh new coat of white paint.

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The Bottom Line

Your baseboard should be decorated carefully. If your baseboards are dull and boring, it can make the rest of your room feel boring too. Due to this reason, make sure that you take some time to make your baseboard look more beautiful. Simply use our baseboard style ideas here and you can save a lot of time.

Baseboard Styles
baseboard style modern
baseboard style modern
baseboard style modern