29 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Customer

Corporate Gift Ideas

When running a business, besides maintaining the quality of your products or services, maintaining good relationships with clients and employees is a must. Therefore, considering some corporate gift ideas would be nice.

There are several things you need to consider before sending a corporate gift to your colleagues and employees. It would be better if you give something that suits their needs and impress them.

Read on to find 11 impressive corporate gift ideas that will make your colleagues and employees keep your company in their mind.

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1. Best Corporate Gift Ideas

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You used to store your data in a diskette which tended to be bulky and take up a lot of space in your bag. But now, you can use a USB flash drive which is much smaller and stylist.

Since USB flash drive comes in various shapes and designs, you can include it in your corporate gift ideas. To make it more efficient and portable, you can give a keyring USB flash drive to your colleagues so they will be able to find this tiny item easily.

2. Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

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Your employees play an essential role in gaining your success. They have worked hard to maintain and improve the quality of your products or services. Therefore, they deserve a gift.

The best corporate gift ideas for your employees are something that can be useful for them like a vacuum flask. To personalize it, you can attach the logo of your company on it.

3. Corporate Gift Ideas Christmas

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Christmas Eve is the best moment when you can gather, banter, and catch up with your family. Some of you may exchange gifts.

But one thing for sure, when your veritable army decide to spend the Christmas Eve with you, you need to indulge them with sweet treats.

Giving a sweet hamper or a box of delectable cakes to your clients or employees on the Christmas Eve will be your safe bet. They will think that you care about them.


  • Sweet treats are everyone’s favorite.


  • It would be a bad idea if your client suffers from diabetes.

4. Creative Corporate Gift Ideas

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Corporate gift ideas do not have to be arduous. You can even give a simple thing such as a mug, calendar, or card holder to your employee.

These simple things can mean a lot for them if you add a twist. So, be creative!

Try giving your employees a mug with a photo of them on it. This is a classic way to tell them how precious they are to you. Or, you can have a motivational quote attached on the mug, instead.

5. Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

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Your colleague will be impressed with this desk organizer. It can hold your pens, cards, and even phone in place at once.

The design will bring the charm of nature to his office and – of course – create a relaxed ambience.

Even if your client has already had a desk organizer, you should give it to him because it means you have him in the top of your mind.

6. Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

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Holiday is coming. And as a good employer, you need to provide an unforgettable holiday for your employees. Well, you might be thinking about giving them a vacation package. But it will burn a hole in your pocket.

Therefore, you should try inexpensive corporate gift ideas. Giving your employees relaxation or beauty hamper would be a great alternative. It is less expensive than a vacation package but it can make your employees smile exuberantly.

7. Business Gift Ideas for Clients

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Time is money. I think everybody agrees with that. And thus, for a busy person that is always occupied with business, having a watch around his wrist is a must.

As a good colleague, you know that time is the most priceless thing for your business partner. Therefore, sending him an exclusive watch would be a terrific idea.


  • Sending a watch to your business partner is such an impressive decision.
  • The watch would look good around your client’s wrist.


  • An exclusive watch can cost sky high.

8. Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas

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Everybody who is always racing against the time knows how important it is to have a calendar and clock on their desk.

This combo is the best reminder of every important appointment. And thus, giving your employees a calendar and clock would be the best choice.

If you think a calendar and clock are mundane, you can have a customized one. You can have some photos of the events held by your company printed on the calendar. You can also fuse the calendar and clock so they will not take up lots of space on the desk.

9. Corporate Retreat Gift Ideas

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Giving T-shirts to your employees is not a new thing. But it always works like a charm. By giving something that your employees can wear, they will always remember that they are parts of the team.

To make it more epic, you can order some customized T-shirts that you are going to give to your employees. A T-shirt with a logo of your company will work the best.

10. VIP Corporate Gift Ideas

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A VIP business alliance deserves a VIP gift. Therefore, you have to know what your business alliance is really into so you can choose a gift meticulously.

If she likes to dress up stylishly, consider giving them a stylish fashion item like a purse. Making her beam with smile can make your business partnership runs better.


  • You will make your business alliance happy.


  • The gift can cost an arm and a leg.

11. Corporate Gift Ideas for CEO

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A CEO likes to look elegant and stylish. Therefore, the best gift that you can give to him is a pair of leather shoes. Exclusive leather shoes will definitely win his heart.

As a result, you are one step closer to your success as you can maintain your business partnership. Great idea, right?
Picking the best corporate gift ideas can be tricky but it is not impossible.

Before purchasing something as a gift, consider your budget. You still need to make ends meet. A good gift is something that can please your client or employee and your pocket.

Other Inspirations About Corporate Gift Ideas

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