27 Diy Headphone Stand Ideas | How to Make a Cheap Headphone Stand

Diy Headphone Stand – For some people, headphones no longer only serve as a means to listen to sound from a computer or gadget. But more than that, headphones are a prestige value from the wearer.

However, the value must be paid with heaphone prices that can reach hundreds of dollars. Headphones at low prices are not able to provide prestigious value for its users.

But you do not have to worry, you can still style with cheap headphones with little modifications to the headphone stand.

In this article will be discussed how to make headphones stand with your own hands. And certainly the cost is not too expensive.

Diy Headphone Stand: How to Make a Cheap Headphone Stand

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Key advantages of headphone stands

cheap diy headphone stand
cheap diy headphone stand

Like lots of devices, headphones might get a little troublesome and also unpleasant. If you leave it on your workdesk commonly, it comes to be a remarkable contributor to your growing wire nest.

An earphone stand may be a little device but it makes a great deal of distinction in keeping your workdesk neat and clean.

Having actually a designated storage area for your headphone keeps the clutter on your job or video gaming area manageable. That’s one less load of twisted cords to handle.

As well as it is a proven truth that minimalist desks will certainly keep you a lot more loosened up and effective throughout the day.


A headphone stand will certainly also ensure you get one of the most from your earphone experience. Having correct storage maintains your sound tool in tip-top shape.

You stay clear of damaged wire and also damaged earphone problems so your devices features at its ideal for a longer period of time.

And also, you knock them off the workdesk as well as shatter them on the flooring much less often when they’re installed perfectly on the stand.

If you are wanting to keep your individual entertainment devices in great running order, then an ideal earphone stand is a tiny additional cost to pay.


If you are the kind who maintains devices and headphones in hard instances or initial boxes, then your stuff needs to be well taken care of.

But you understand just how time consuming as well as troublesome that can be also, specifically when you suddenly have to put the headphones on however you are taking permanently to eliminate it from its boxed nest.

Although not as secure as a difficult case, an earphone stand offers you a means to store your headphone without the lengthy hassle of unwrapping every time you require it.

if you work very closely with audio files, this is absolutely a time-saver and possibly a stress reducer also.


diy headphone stand pvc

Stands are normally crafted with simplified design using various kinds of products. While the capability does not differ greatly among these different materials, the resilience, quality and visual credence frequently do.


Various sorts of plastic could be made use of to craft headphone stands. Plastic is simpler to mold so you obtain a great deal of selections in layout and shape.

It is likewise much cheaper compared to many other stand materials like wood or light weight aluminum, so plastic stands are fantastic options when you are seeking more cost-effective ways to save your headphones halfway decent on your workdesk or shelf.


The drawback of plastic stands is that they do not actually stand up weight also well. If you keep a solid or large earphone, the far better option is to select metal stands given that these are frequently extra resilient as well as secure.

Steels such as aluminum are among one of the most usual sorts of contemporary headphones. Aluminum as well as comparable metals are best if you like contemporary and minimal designs that explore various motifs in underrated patterns.

Costs headphones are commonly constructed from metallic materials, which might cost a bit greater than the plastic or other products yet also have the tendency to be a lot more resilient and also better constructed.

diy headphone stand cardboard


Other than steels and plastics, various other materials such as wood and PVC are additionally popular for making earphone stands.

If you like the play in product, you can check out headstands crafted from wood or leather, the majority of which could not be as long lasting as metal stands however most definitely have a lot more visual allure.


diy headphone stand thread


No matter the material used, a great headphone stand need to have excellent construct and at the very least be constructed from suitable material.

Is the stand assembled perfectly? Do the elements work the means they are anticipated to function? Does it remain securely upright and does it leave no marks on your desk? Are there no harsh sides that could cut you when you can not pay too much interest? Most notably, can it stand up your earphone securely at an area that’s practical for your work flow?

From the beginning make a decision just how much extra expenditure you are willing to trade for top quality, and recognize simply exactly how excellent quality your stand has to be.

The quality of the stand that you require differs straight with the top quality of the individual enjoyment plan that you maintain.

If you are invested in top notch headphones for recreation or work, after that find an item that provides justice to your premium headphone. If you resemble to maintain your stand more economical, after that discover something that is fairly decent for its price.

This leading 10 listing has a couple of for either choice, with a couple of more choices in between to offer you a great idea about which headphone stands are best out there.


diy headphone stand wood123

When it involves audio gizmos, sturdiness is a large offer. There are essentially hundreds of hundreds of earphones and earphone stands being marketed nowadays.

The majority of these are dirt cheap yet non reusable and also just great for a few weeks of use. In the long run, you deal with low quality output, constant hassle and genuine waste of great loan.

Consider the amount of time you spend each time you need to obtain a new one to replace busted ones, and you realize simply how pricey economical buys can obtain.

If you wish to ensure your headphone storage space stays functional for a longer time, have a look at the construct, the quality of the product, and also the layout of the product.

Take a look at the manufacturer also, if they have an online reputation for high-grade as well as sturdy items in the past, after that your stand is most likely to stand the test of time.

Moreover, a stand that works well with your work area or desktop lay-out is more likely to survive the day-to-day work in the future compared to one that seems like an awkward juxtaposition to your room.


Last of all, headphone stands been available in various styles, and also it’s important to select one that works best for your tasks and also visual choices.

Modern or minimal steel stands are frequently bestsellers because they are room savers, trendy, and accurately tough.

However, wood stands with creative or imaginative feel are additionally great if you want to maintain your desk practical and stylish. There are also anchor wall mounts as well as leather stands if you have a preference for unique as well as post-modern styles. Afterall, who is to claim earphone stands could not stand apart as novelty?

A Finishing Basement Reconstruction to Increase Your Home Value

Diy headphone stand wood

diy headphone stand wood how tutorial
diy headphone stand

I have actually never ever really troubled to take excellent treatment of my headphones, I have actually always just thrown them onto my desk or pushed right into a cabinet.

After these ultimately broke, I replaced them with an excellent new set (Sennheiser HD280 Pro). which I determined to take better care of.

I did some on the internet research study right into headphone stands, and not especially suching as any kind of that I generated I made a decision to make my own. The outcome both looks fantastic as well as keeps my headphones risk-free.

Step 1: Parts and Materials

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  • 18 -22 mm strong wood. I used some recycled red want, yet any good timber would be great.- Jigsaw or bandsaw
  • Data and/or sandpaper- Drill and drill little bits
  • Router (optional, not called for)- Screws and also timber adhesive
  • Danish oil, varnish or similar covering- Printer
  • Glue or tape


Step 2:

how to make diy headphone stand wood

I created my design in Solidworks, which I then created makings of. Once I had developed a style I liked, I produced a drawing rundown.

Make certain that the theme is published with no printer scaling. Select your piece of timber and adhesive or tape the design template on making certain that you are not consisting of areas such as divides or knots.

Mark out the base as a 150mm x 150mm square

Step 3:

diy headphone stand wood390

Cut around the template with the jigsaw or bandsaw for both the major arm as well as the base. Smooth with sandpaper and/or a file, beginning harsh then completing to a smooth surface area.

Round off the sides as revealed on the making as well as layout. Guarantee that you always sand with the grain, and also remove any scrapes.

You can additionally course the sides on the base. I decided to do this, which looks respectable. Choice you could simply put a simple bevel on the edge.

Drill the openings for the arm in the base, countersinking the holes from the bottom so the screw head does not extend. It would certainly also be a good idea to drill into the arm also to make sure that it does not split. Glue as well as screw together.

Step 4:

Lastly apply the coating of your selection. I used danish oil which involved a really good surface coating and was very easy to use. Sand gently between coats to get rid of any rough areas or bubbles.

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