64+Indoor Plant Ideas to Beauty Your Small Home

Indoor Plant Ideas – There’s absolutely nothing like a well-curated display of indoor plants! It’s impressive on two degrees– the creative as well as the functional. In other words, we cannot help yet admire the charm of artful indoor plant displays, in addition to the plant fanatic’s capability to maintain the greenery active! Seriously, individuals, it takes some ability to preserve plants, also the low-maintenance ones.

Look into our article on the best interior plants if you’re seeking concepts, then let the pictures below motivate you as you curate and plan your own collection …

Anybody else notice that indoor plants are presently having a moment? A large moment! For the past couple of months, we have actually been appreciating the houses as well as studios of a few of our favored bloggers, as well as most of these interiors showcase a rejuvenating display screen of interior plants.

Listed below we see the kitchen area remodeling from the workshop of Oh Pleased Day. The use of bountiful plant assists reinforce the crisp eco-friendly and also white color pattern:

Indoor plant decoration ideas

indoor plant ideas

This concrete as well as copper plant stand tutorial from Claire Zinnecker of Camille Styles reveals us the best ways to create the ideal perches for interesting interior plants, such as the succulents listed below. Have you seen Camille Styles’ brand-new plant-filled studio?! Directly over to this post for the big reveal, and also see if you could spot among these plant stands in the pictures!

indoor plants decorating ideas

These bust planters from Floral Art live in the living-room of Oh Pleasure! blog owner Pleasure Cho. Comply with the link to the original post, which we enjoy, precisely due to the fact that Pleasure recognizes that it CAN in fact be tough to maintain succulents alive (we couldn’t agree more). She also notes that one of the succulents below is in fact synthetic. Thanks for the honesty, Happiness! As well as we enjoy the character of your planters!

indoor plants inspirations

Isn’t the vivid kitchen from the workshop of An Attractive Mess remarkable?! It’s difficult not to grin when we see the vivid yellow cupboards as well as the bright stands out of turquoise. And also we can not assist yet see the glowing display of potted plants on the window shelving. To make your personal window ledge plant rack, look into this tutorial.

indoor plants decor

Below’s an additional shot of the brand-new A Beautiful Mess workshop, this moment zoning know the stunning bay window in the dining room (as well as the simple yet powerful setup of plants on the steps). The post showcases plenty of wonderful plant pictures, including some practical resource links that will certainly help you cultivate your own collection of indoor plants.

DIY indoor plant stand ideas

diy indoor plants ideas

These DIY plant stand concepts can not only raise your indoor growing space however likewise boost the appeal of your house.

1. DIY Ladder Planter

Try this Do It Yourself ladder planter to show flowers, natural herbs, and plant, either indoors or outdoors without making use of much floor space. Here is the tutorial:

Things You’ll Need to Make Ladder Plant Holder

[su_note note_color=”#edfbdc”]

  • Old wooden ladder
  • Planks or Boards
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Grinder
  • Screw Driver
  • Screws
  • Paint
  • Potted Plants [/su_note]

Step 1:

diy indoor plants ideas

The initial and also most time-consuming task is to cleanse the ladder nicely and removing dust.

Quickly and thoroughly tidy the ladder. If your ladder does not need an extensive cleaning, just do a superficial cleaning as well as leave the ladder for drying.

Step 2:

how to make indoor plants

Once the ladder dries entirely, measure the size for future shelves. On the first step of ladder (from over) ration the length for rack one in a way that it will extend 10 cm. from both sides. An additional rack that would be put on the reduced level must prolong from both sides of the ladder approx. 20 centimeters.

Similarly the 3rd or final step of the ladder should expand from both sides approx. 30 cm. The length of shelves jutting out as well as the size depends on the ladder you have as well as how much area you locate proper.

Step 3:

diy indoor plants decorating ideas

After the dimension, in the following step it’s time to obtain on with preparing the racks for your Do It Yourself ladder shelf project. Cut the length of each rack inning accordance with the gauged size and also breadth utilizing a jigsaw. Cut the sides of planks efficiently utilizing a grinder with sandpaper with a weight of 40.

Step 4: 

diy indoor plants ideas

Symphonious 4, prepare and fix the shelves on ladder using a screwdriver and also screws of 30 mm. Remember to countersink the screws making them unnoticeable. While taking care of guarantee you’ll leave suitable room in between each shelve for the potted plants you ‘d like to keep there.

Step 5:

diy indoor plants ideas

Painting the ladder with an acrylic paint, monolayer. When selecting the paint shade, we suggest you to opt for neutral shades such as grey, beige or white to highlight lush eco-friendly foliage, brilliant blossoms and colorful containers.

Step 6:

diy indoor plants ideas pinterest

And also at last embellish your Do It Yourself ladder with vivid pots and plants. A neutral shade of your ladder will certainly mosting likely to compliment them as well as make them extra recognizable.

2. Hanging Pot Rack

When you accumulate as many things as I do, flooring and also table room can promptly end up being precious assets. Having shelves loaded with plants is just not feasible in the studio, but I was not going to let that quit me from seeking my desire for developing a little greenhouse.

If you have a passion in going vertical with your greenery, you could work up this tiered hanging planter in a day. You just require a tiny bit of scrap wood, some rope and a few basic woodworking devices.

The best part– which ought to have been apparent to me from the start, yet being a complete gardening amateur, it wasn’t– is that the system makes watering a breeze.

All the runoff from the previous pot drips right into the plants below, so you just should put a little recipe or bucket under the bottom. Enjoy!


[su_note note_color=”#edfbdc”]

  • scrap wood
  • jigsaw
  • terracotta pots
  • rope
  • 3/8″ boring bit
  • paintbrush and paint
  • drill
  • plants
  • metal ring [/su_note]


1. Action as well as mark the slab of wood to develop a square with at the very least 3/4 ″ to 1 ″ of room around the pot.

plant pot ideas indoor

2. Trace the lip of your pot onto the face of the timber. Trace a circle within the circumference of the one you just drew but spaced 1/4 ″ from the outer circle, or use a circular design template that is around 1/4 ″ smaller compared to the distance of the pot to do the exact same. You will certainly end with two concentric circles, one with a radius 1/4 ″ smaller sized than the first. Repeat with all four squares.

indoor plant stand ideas

3. Secure the first item of wood down to a steady surface and pierce a hole right into the facility of the circles with the 3/8 ″ dull little bit. This will certainly offer a space for your jigsaw blade to enter the wood so you could start your cut. Functioning slowly as well as in areas, utilize the jigsaw to eliminate the form of the internal circle. You might have to unclamp, reposition the timber and also reclamp to get a good angle for cutting out the whole shape. Repeat with all 4 squares.

indoor plant stand ideas images
indoor plant stand ideas picture

4. Once all the inner circles are eliminated, clamp a single square to an item of scrap wood and also make use of a ruler to earn a dot in the 4 corners of the squares, 1/2 ″ in from each side. Make use of the 3/8 ″ uninteresting little bit as well as drill holes completely with the wood at each of those 4 corner marks. Repeat with all 4 squares.

indoor plant stand ideas pinterset
awesome indoor plant stand ideas

5. As an optional step, you can repaint the sides of your squares for a pop of shade, or paint your rope a various shade. I preferred to painting my rope navy blue, making use of acrylic paints somewhat diluteded. Only paint both cut edges on each square, and also position the squares on the ropes to ensure that the unpainted and also colored sides will alternate when hanging.

cool indoor plant stand ideas

6. Now your squares are ready to hang. I opted to space my plants 12 ″ apart, but this could depend on the type of plants you’re using. Cut 4 sizes of rope as well as tie them completely in a knot regarding 6 ″ from the top. Use the 6 ″ strands to safeguard the ropes to the steel ring.

indoor plant stand ideas for your small home

7. Hang the ring in an open area and slide the very first timber square onto all 4 hairs, about 12 ″ from the leading knot. Link a knot directly below the wood square on all 4 ropes, place the plant into the opening as well as check to earn certain the item is level. If the plant is not hanging level, you could change the knots up or down.

indoor plant stand ideas for home

8. Repeat action 6 with the continuing to be 3 squares: Move the square into the ropes, action regarding 12 ″ (or you could put your potted plant inside and eyeball the distance) and safeguard a knot beneath on all 4 ropes. Constantly make certain to inspect if the items are hanging straight, as well as readjust the knots as required. After the last square gets on and the knots are connected underneath, clip off the excess rope with scissors.

how to diy indoor plant stand ideas