30 Outstanding Kitchen Storage Ideas that Hold the Clutter at Bay

kitchen storage ideas

As a place where you spend most of your mornings preparing for breakfast, you deserve to feel relax and comfortable.

Therefore, you need to find the best kitchen storage ideas that can make it happen when cooking.

One of the best ways to achieve it is by creating a clutter-free kitchen. It does not mean that you have to expand your kitchen.

Even a small kitchen can give you the ultimate comfort if it is not messy. So, keep reading to find 10 outstanding ideas that hold the clutter at bay.

1. Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Image Source: marthastewart.com

If you have a small kitchen, don’t worry! Now, look around your kitchen to find the space that needs to be tapped into.

Try hanging one or two metal rods along the backsplash or under the cabinets to hold your kitchen utensils and cups. Do not forget to include S hooks on the rods.

If you still have some space between your cabinets and ceiling, do not let it lie dormant. You can store your bulky pots in it.

2. Kitchen Storage Ideas DIY

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Can you find white vinegar in your cabinets?If you cannot find it in a jiffy, it means you need to re-organize your cabinets and pantry.

Grouping is the best way to overcome this problem. You can get some baskets and put snacks, cereals, and pasta based on their types. Do not forget to put on a label on each basket so you will be able to know where you can find your baby snacks.

3. Tiny Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Finding the best kitchen storage ideas for tiny kitchens is not that easy. However, this kitchen cart will work like a charm.

It features four casters, two cabinets and drawers, a butcher-block countertop, a rack, and a towel holder.


  • It is portable so you can move it aside if you are not using it.


  • The countertop is not that spacious so it is quite hard to work on it.

4. Kitchen Knife Storage Ideas

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Knives are the most indispensable utensils in the kitchen. No wonder homeowners have a wide array of knives in their kitchen for various purposes.

If you do have lots of knives in your kitchen, you definitely need something that you can use to store them just like this warrior-like knife storage.


  • The unique design can adorn your kitchen as well as keeping the knives tidy.


  • It can be a bit pricey.

5. Best Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Set
Image Source: marthastewart.com

Best kitchen storage ideas not only will get rid of mess but also better the appearance of the kitchen. And thus, you should also pay attention to the color hues of the shelves or cabinets.

These white shelves complement the baseboard very well, bringing the harmony to the pantry. They also feature some pull-out plastic baskets where you can store your snacks and paper towels. A plastic stair is also available to help you reach the top shelf.

6. Kitchen Storage Ideas Cheap

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Kitchen storage ideas do not have to cost you a fortune. You can still get the best one on the cheap – even from something you might never think of like unused cookies plastic boxes.

Cookies plastic boxes can be used to organize your drawers better. Now you can find your coffee and creamer more easily and quickly.


  • You can tidy up your drawers on the cheap.


  • Finding the cookies plastic boxes that fit your drawers is not a piece of cake.

7. Kitchen Storage Ideas for Apartments

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If you are an apartment dweller, you know how it feels to put up with small spaces. You surely need to apply the appropriate kitchen storage ideas entailing making the most of the available space.

This pantry, for instance, features over-the-door rack that offers ample storage space for any cans and bottles. It would be much better than cramming them in the pantry.


  • The rack enables you to store more things without creating a haphazard look.


  • The bottles can fall from the rack if you do not open the door carefully.

8. Kitchen Storage Ideas for Pots and Pans

Image Source: chamleypipe.co 

Do you find it hard to store pots and pans in such a small space like in a cabinet? You hope you can save more space by stacking the pots and pans up. Unfortunately, the lids do not allow you to do it.

You can overcome this problem by installing some hooks on the cabinet’s door. These hooks will hold the lids firmly. This is one of the most creative kitchen storage ideas as you can install them yourself without breaking a sweat.

9. Outdoor Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Inviting your friends to come over for a barbeque party by the pool would be a great new year treat. But you must prepare everything before throwing the party including the storage space.

Consider investing in some portable cabinets for your outdoor activity. These types of cabinets usually feature casters that allow you to move them. You might also need a portable kitchen island with extended table that can be functioned as a dining table.

10. Modern Kitchen Storage Ideas

Image Source: bigapplelittlekitchen.com

A modern kitchen tends to be simple without compromising the upscale look. Since a modern kitchen always provides the sleek look with clean-line edges, it would be better if you do not overwhelm the countertop with storage racks.

Instead of putting some racks on the worktop, you can opt for a few pegboards installed along the cabinets as the backsplash. They will not only help you store your whisk and spatula but also add a nuance to the kitchen.


  • The red finish adds a personality boost and textural element to your kitchen.
  • You can hang dry your kitchen utensils right after washing them.


  • The water will keep dripping on the countertop if you hang them after washing them.

Those are 10 outstanding kitchen storage ideas you can try at home. Before applying these ideas, you need to consider the space and budget you have. If you are tight in budget and space, tweaking them a little bit will be a great idea.