50 Fabulous Shoe Rack Ideas to Keep You Sane

Shoe Rack Ideas – Shoes become ladies’ favorite clothing pieces to collect. They insist on buying new shoes although there has been shoe explosion at home. How about you? Do you feel the same? Maybe you are often being crazy about shoes cluttered around the room. Therefore, shoe rack ideas are vital to keep your shoes under control.

Shoe racks come in lots of shapes and sizes depending on how many shoes you have. Give these following ideas a try to organize your shoe collection.

How to Organize Shoes in a Small Closet

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Most people have struggled to keep a large number of shoe collection. The ones who only have small closet expect to have extra spacious storage spaces. However, you can maximize your small closet to store all shoes you have.

First, classify your shoes. Try to separate which shoes will you wear all the time to the less-used ones. Snow boots and stiletos tend to be less frequently used. Put the shoes together and place them at the top of your closet. Storing up high and far away is the best solution.

Next, sort your most-used shoes into groups. The shoes for dinner will differ from the ones you wear to work. Organizing them into some categories will ease you to quickly find the shoes you need.

When you get ready for an event, you will exactly know where to look. Looking for a pair of shoes among the cluttered is time consuming, so grouping the shoes will be the best solution.

Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces


shoe rack ideas for small space

Shoe organization is the best choice of shoe storage ideas in small place. Wall mounted display storage fits well into a small area. Hang tension rod shoe racks are innovative storing space to avoid damaging the walls. This is a DIY shoe storage that can be easily installed at home.

Tension rod shoe racks are suitable for a shoe renter to showcase the shoes. If you have a lot of high heels to be rent, display them on wall mounted racks. Just simply build some rods on the wall horizontally. Then, hang all pairs of heels on each rod. The more heels you have, the higher will be.

Shoe Storage Ideas for Entryway


Shoe Storage Ideas for Entryway

To accomodate your entire shoes in small space doesn’t mean that you have to enlarge the space. When adding an extra space is impossible, you should organize the shoes well. You have to identify which areas that your shoes tend to piled up.

The entrance way becomes a favorite area to leave your shoes. Actually, it has a limited space for storage, so you have to think smart. You can have a built in shoe storage with bench. Thus, there will be enough space for the most-used shoes. It can also avoid a messy overall look.

Shoe Cabinet Folio


Cabinets are mostly used for hidden storage that can be placed anywhere. By keeping the shoes in a cabinet, you will not find the shoes clutter anymore.

This is a shoe cabinet folio with adjustable shelves. You can have the shelves go up when not used and go down when needed. It can be used as a separate storage solution. Remember! It is important to divide your shoes in categories, so this cabinet works well.

Shoe Storage Boxes


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You can practically store each pair of shoes in a storage box. It is helpful when you don’t have any cabinets and closets. The shoe boxes require free flooring space. You only need to stack them in a good order. Because the shoe boxes are transparent, you can easily notice which shoes you want.

They are available in some colors such as blue, pink, green, and yellow. Well-organized colorful shoe boxes will give an attractive look to the room. You do not have to lift up each box when need the shoes, the front part can be open or closed when needed.

Shoe Pyramid Stairs

When you insist on sticking shoes on the floor plan or tossing them in the closet, these are such bad habits. It’s better to implement shoe organization. One of the best ways to store shoes is keeping them off the floor.

This ladder shelf is a unique shoe storage that might beautify your home. The pyramid stairs allow you to line up the shoes nicely. This wooden shelf can be placed at the corner of any room. Therefore, you can maximize the function of corners for shoe storage.

Under the Stairs Shoe Rack Ideas


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Under the stairs are available to be functioned as storage. Build metal racks inside the drawers to organize all shoes neatly. This shoe racks are suitable for most-used shoes for daily wear. To have an easy look, don’t forget to sort the shoes in groups.

Stair shoe rack ideas become brilliant storage solution in your home. Under the stairs racks have pull-out drawers. They provide large storing space for your shoes. These racks will help you to avoid tossing the shoes on the floor.

Floor Shoe Trolley


A shoe trolley offers more beneficial storage solution. It provides more space than a conventional metal racks. It is a good idea to store the shoes inside, so they aren’t like a pile of shoes. Thus, you don’t have to crawl around on your knees to get the shoes.

When you decide to make your own shoe trolley, you can build it with four closetmaids. Put them together back to back and screw the outer box frames. Add cubbies slots inside to keep the shoes tidy. These small slots work best for flats, flip flops, sport shoes and heels. The moveable shoe storage can be placed in any room as desired.

Shoe Storage Ottoman

The beige shoe ottoman offers storage space inside. The interior side storage might keep the shoes conveniently. The storage bench is perfect for positioning at the foot of a bed. Besides, it also can be placed in an entryway and a large closet.

The ottoman offers a safety hinge on the lid. There is tufting details at the top of the bench to give an eye catching accent. The shoe storage ottoman is available in beige and red. This bench will match to any home designs and color tones.

Wall Shoe Hangers

Small closet cannot provide extra free space to store your shoes. But don’t worry, you can buy wall shoe hangers. Mount the hook shoe racks on the wall. They have a sturdy metal structure and enable to hold up to 18 pairs of shoes.

This organizer rack is designed with 36 wire loop-style hooks. The rack gives a stylish look when you attach it on a wall in entryway and closet. It is a wonderful way to keep you shoe collection tidy.

Closet Shoe Rack Ideas

Turning your bedroom into walk-in closet sounds good. This closet design is inspired by floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in 16th century. This tremendous shoe storage will work great for a large room. It’s not only about storing your shoe collection, but also displaying the shoes as if each pair has precious art value.

Shoe Rack for Small Entryway

No matter how your small entryway will be, there is an amazing way to store your shoes. A wall mounted rack becomes a good option for a small entryway. You can make this wall rack near your front door. You only need lumber for base and hardwood round dowels.

Drill some holes on the wood base. Cut the round dowels into 8 feet length. Then, stack them together to hang your boots and shoes. Your floor will stay clean because the wall rack keep your shoes off the floor.

Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces on a Budget

How can you maximize your small space to keep so many shoes without any clutter? It’s so struggling. Don’t let the whole house become your shoe storage.

Try to organize your shoes by using metal grid panel. It is more affordable than purchasing a similar rack. It just need to be leaned against the wall for safekeeping. You will see that the rack function as a place to hang the heels. It gives a chic look to your wall because of its minimalist geometric design.

Shoe Rack Ideas for Teenagers

This over the door shoe storage will reduce closet clutter in your teen’s room. This handy organizer is made of polyester, so you can easily clean it with soft damp cloth. It has three hooks for simple mounting over the door.

This easy-to-see organizer features 12 storage sections. All shoes can be completely stored in one spot and keep the room tidy at the same time.

Baby Shoe Rack

Even a baby becomes cluttered with so many shoes. In this case, a shoe organizer is needed to make your baby nursery room tidy. A wooden thread rack can be a cool shoe storage in the nursery room. It can be placed on a dresser and mounted on the wall.

When you decide to hang the rack, you need to cut the legs. You have to remove the legs because the rack comes with legs. To modify this rack, priming and painting are necessary to get a nice even color. Let it dry and hang this wooden thread holder as a baby shoe rack.

Creative Shoe Storage

If you have good woodworking skills, creating DIY shoe rack ideas will be easy. One creative way to make your own shoe rack is by using wooden pallet. The material is available around you and the steps are simple.

Mount a pallet on a wall. The slits will fit your shoes perfectly. This is great for keeping sneakers and sport shoes. Hang it up above the floor so that the kids can stack the shoes on the slit easily. It can also be a decorative home decor instead of its functional design.

Modern Shoe Rack Ideas

A black shoe cabinet totally fits your modern home design. This shoe rack can be placed in your entryway. It has three drawers that provide large space for shoe storage. There are tension rods in each drawer. Any shapes and sizes of shoes can be stored nicely. The adjustable drawers allow you to open and closed when need the shoes.

[su_note note_color=”#fcf9d1″]More Ideas:

Cheap Shoe Rack Ideas

To have a cheap shoe rack, you can recycle some wooden crates. Do painting to get colorful crates. Mount some crates on the wall either horizontally or vertically to fit the shoes. Arrange the crate racks to get stylish look on the wall.

Besides wall mounted crate racks, try to create a movable crate racks by adding wheels. The wheeled racks need to be placed on the floor plan. You can move them easily to any room as you need. What a great idea! Recycled crated can be transformed into fashionable and functional shoe storage in your home.

Wood Shoe Rack Ideas

Since wooden furniture has a good durability, wood shoe racks become more popular. They come with a wide variety of styles. From rustic to modern design can perfectly fit into your home decoration.

This 5-tier wooden shelf is a good choice to store the shoes in your entryway. It can also work great for small space. The five tiers provide more shoes and keep them organized neatly.

This wood shoe rack has simple and sleek design with wood color. It is constructed from high grade solid wood. It has 6 pairs of built-in shoe forms that enable to hold various styles and sizes of shoes.

Outdoor Shoe Rack Ideas

Some shoe racks are designed for outdoor. As seen in this picture, a wall mounted rack is used to store the boots. The rack has some pegs of wood to hang the shoes. The top rack can be used to display beautiful flower pots. Even it is outdoor shoe storage, it also offers stylish look to the terrace.

Unique Shoe Rack Ideas

How can you maximize a wasted space at the corner of your bedroom? There is just a narrow free space between a cabinet and a wall. A unique shoe rack from Ikea is the best solution.

Adjustable wooden slats create extraordinary shoe rack ideas. Lack shelves in a V-shape works well for this narrow space. This is made from heavy duty plywood and spruce. It accomodates 16 pairs of shoes.

So, which shoe rack ideas that meets your personality? Whatever it is, you can always change it the way you like it. Because it is quite easy.