20 Fabulous Shower Bathroom Ideas that Steal Your Focus

A bathroom is supposed to be a place that can invigorate your body and mind, not the one that makes you bored. Therefore, you need fabulous shower bathroom ideas that can make your shower time become the most enjoyable moment.

1. Bathroom Shower Ideas with Tile

Image Source: loonaonline.com

This shower room features green mosaic glass tiles denoting freshness and energy. The use of a vast array of green hues has made it look unbelievably stunning.


  • The mosaic tiles get rid of the tedious look.


  • Some clear glass tiles are not easy to install as they tend to show the moisture trapped under them.

2. Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

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You might find lots of shower curtains in home-improvement stores. But if your bathroom is rather small, you had better hang a white or clear shower curtain to expand it visually.

3. Master Bathroom Shower Ideas

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Try sticking to neutral color schemes such as white, brown, black, gray, or beige for your shower bathroom ideas for a master bathroom to accentuate the elegant look of it.


  • The mosaic tiles jazz the bathroom up perfectly.


  • Installing small tiles can be arduous and take up a lot of time.

4. Shower Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Image Source: home-designing.com

Surrounded by clear glass door and wall, this shower room allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while indulging yourself with the relaxing warm water. It will surely make your day.

5. Bathroom Shower Tub Ideas

Bathroom Shower Wall Ideas
Image Source: idealhome.co.uk

6. Stand Up Shower Bathroom Ideas

Image Source: getridtattoo.club

Installing a shower tub is one of the best shower bathroom ideas for limited space. You can have both shower and bath tub without taking up lots of space.


  • A shower tub is a real space saver.


  • Standing in the bath tub while showering can be dangerous.

7. Bathroom Shower Door Ideas

Image Source: centralparc.co

Frosted glass doors enable you to see your surrounding without compromising your ultimate privacy. Besides, they come in various designs that will add an upscale look to your bathroom.


  • You can still get your privacy while knowing what is outside when feeling insecure.


  • Frosted-glass doors only provide a blur.

8. Bathroom Shower Wall Ideas

Image Source: economicsolution.info

Good shower bathroom ideas entail a thorough plan in every detail including the accent wall. This shower, for instance, features pebble tiles accent wall highlighting the shower head and handle as well as the built-in shelf.


  • The pebbles can add a dramatic look to the shower.


  • They are not easy to clean.

Invest in a rain shower head for an experience of taking a shower under the rain. It might not feel as authentic as the rain but it will do in a pinch.

9. Bathroom Shower Enclosures Ideas

Image Source: raheebsite.com

There are lots of shower bathroom ideas that you can apply to get the best enclosure.This shower tub features clear glass door as the enclosure instead of a curtain. The glass installed on the edge of the bath tub prevents the splash from wetting the floor.

10. Bathroom Shower Glass Ideas

Image Source: victorianplumbing.co.uk

If you have an undersized bathroom, you had better install a shower stall placed at the corner along with a clear glass door.

It is better than a shower curtain in some extent because it provides an elegant look as well as keeping the area out of the shower clean.

11. Bathroom Shower Shelf Ideas

Image Source: everywear.me

These DIY shelves incorporate storage solutions on the cheap. Not only do they help you organize your shampoos and soaps but they also complement the rustic look provided by the pebble walls.


  • The shelves are DIY friendly.


  • The ladder can be slipped as it only leans on the wall.

12. Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas Grey

Image Source: realivin.net

This shower bathroom is decorated with gray tiles which makes it look lavish.To avoid being monotonous, you can try installing a few types of gray tiles with different hues and patterns. It will enrich the look of the shower room although they are all gray.

13. Rain Shower Bathroom Ideas

Image Source: cdninstagram.com

You have a thousand of reasons to stay in the bathroom for a longer period of time. Is it because of the ultimate comfort offered by the bath tubor the rain shower head that will make you feel as if you were under the rain? Maybe all of them.


  • It enables you experience the luxurious shower time.


  • It can be exorbitant.

14. Bathroom Shower Seat Ideas

Image Source: creatistic.net

This bench is meticulously designed to complement the wooden floor so they can bring harmony to the bathroom. The absence of legs allowing you to have more space under the bench which makes the shower room look more spacious.

15. Basement Bathroom Shower Ideas

Image Source: rabat2013.com

You need to consider several things when deciding to install a bathroom in your basement. You might want to invest in a corner shower as it is more economical than a bath tub. Besides, it is also your safe bet if you are tight in space.

16. Bathroom Shower Ideas for Small Spaces

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas
Image Source: idealhome.co.uk

A corner shower allows you to invigorate yourself without making the bathroom feel more crammed.You can install a glass door as the shower enclosure as it allows you to see through it, making the bathroom appear to be larger.

17. Bathroom Shower Surround Ideas

Image Source: home-designing.com

Taking a shower outdoor can be a new way of cleaning yourself up while blending with nature.


• You would feel more relaxed.


• Taking shower outdoor can make you feel anxious.

18. Vintage Bathroom Shower Ideas

Image Source: miafixed.com

The white shower tub lies in a small blue bathroom. The combination of pale blue and some patterned tiles adds a nuance to this vintage bathroom. Instead of dark blue, lighter blue is used to make this bathroom feel less confined.

19. Bathroom Shower Rod Ideas

Image Source: wp.com

Incorporate an additional storage solution to your bathroom with this storage idea. You just need to hang an over-the-door shoe organizer on the rods of your shower curtain and store your toiletries there.

20. Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas on a Budget

Bathroom Shower Niche Ideas
Image Source: idealhome.co.uk

Making your bathroom look splendid does not have to make you short on cash. You can even use some leftover to cover the wall of your shower. But make sure you stain and coat it well so it can be more durable.

These shower bathroom ideas would definitely impress any user and steal their focus. Now, you can say good bye to your mundane shower room.

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