16 Absolutely Genius Small Deck Ideas You’ll Love

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In general, deck is known as an outdoor living space. No matter the size of your deck, you can add value, design and visual appeal to this area. The options are nearly limitless. I am here to help you finding out small deck ideas to transform your deck into cozy enclosure.

You may still get undecided to make a lovely deck because you do not know the right idea. With the backyard treatments, your deck will completely look amazing. It also should be noted that the exterior structure is as important as your indoor space. Without further ado, check these ideas out!

How to Decorate A Small Deck

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Your small deck definitely can have big style if you dress it up with adorable fixtures, plants and accessories. Despite they must be space-

saving, your deck shall make you relaxed.

  • Look To The Walls

Since your deck is tiny, you have to expand it by going on vertical. For instance, you are highly recommended to hang up planters on the wall. Purchase wooden frames to display the planters.

  • Arrange Your Furnitures Smartly

You can not save the space if you do not maximize the area of your own deck. To create a visually larger deck, you need to place your furnitures around the deck perimeter. As a result, there is still wide center deck space.

  • Choose Colorful Rug

A colorful synthetic rug is not only fancy, but also well-fitting. Your small outdoor getaway would be aesthetically pleasing as well.
Free Deck Plans and Material List

Sometimes, you want to feature your home with deck. The expense is indeed costly. However, you are still able to construct free deck plans from reliable vendors or engineers. Here is the simple floating deck for you.

  • The Material and Tool List

Purchase deck blocks, posts (4x4s), 8d galvanized framing nails (2-1/2”), Kreg deck screws (2”), joists (2x8s), connector screws (1-1/2”), double wooden beams (2x10s) and heavy duty screws (2-7/8”). Plus, prepare chalk line, stone dust, cedar decking (5/4) and BSC Post Cap Brackets (4×4 post to two 2x beams).

Then, the required tools are nail gun, level, pencil, safety glasses, miter saw, drill, circular saw, tape measure, laser level, hearing protection and kreg deck jig.

  • Floating Deck Plans

First of all, dig 11 holes for your deck blocks with a pole hole digger. After that, construct a footing by pouring cement into those holes. Add the stone dust and tamp it down. Place the decksin the holes and posts on deck blocks. Attach BSC post cap brackets to post with connector screws.

Moreover, connect post to beams and screw them. Screw your wooden beams together and create the spaces correctly. Then, add caps to the beams. For joists, they must be in place with wooden beams and add end caps to the both sides. Use freestanding boxes and lay concrete blocks.

Cool Small Deck Ideas

Small Deck Ideas
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Do not overlook your small rooftop! Transform it into amazing second floor. Lay composite wood decking on top of your roof. Surprisingly, it helps protect your home from high moisture and strong sunlight. Once you build rooftop deck, you really love spending your times there.

Place a lot of armless sofas and stools on the rooftop deck. Pick stuffs that do not get faded away easily. When you host your guests, they obviously give compliments to the way your deck looks. In addition, they can see a view of beautiful sky whether in the morning or night.

Backyard Small Deck Ideas

Best Backyard Small Deck Ideas
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If you live in the urban area, you may have tiny backyard. When you start thinking about constructing awesome deck out of pocket yard, you can give this idea a try. Thanks to me later because you are able to make a functional outdoor space out of small backyard.

Opt to white-colored furnitures and white-painted walls. All-white decor creates an illusion of your outdoor nook. Then, choose light hued-plants. Your backyard would look sunny, airy and reflective. Plus, they maximizes any natural light on your deck. As a effect, your tiny space appears bigger than it is.

Small Deck Patio Ideas

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Small Patio? No problem. There is tons of creative way to make your deck so inviting. The key is to use bold and big furnitures. First thing first, furnish your deck with yellow-colored metal chairs and blue round table. Then, place 2 loungers outfitted with peacock-inspired navy pillows.

Let planter sits on the round table. Moreover, decorate unfinished wooden walls with painted wooden flowers. Make sure you paint them in bright colors. Those furnitures bring quirky stament and cheerful vibes to your deck. It is such your favorite destination when you are stressing out about your day.

Small Deck Designs for Front of House

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If your deck is located in front of your door, you certainly can turn it into comfortable outdoor area. You need to pay attention to this space because it is used by people to move into and out of your house. Magnificent front yard deck make your neightbors entirely welcomed.

There 2 grey-colored loungers positioned on the deck. The square table is placed between the 2 loungers. An owner of this deck, choose upward growing plants and colorful flowers. The wooden deck fits perfectly with river rocks. It is totally worth designing.

Best Small Deck Designs

Best Small Deck Designs for home

Transform your small area into visually appealing deck by focusing on its finishing. For instance, you are strongly urged to build multi-color deck. This deck is usually made of composite decking boards which come in 2 different colors.

By installing multicolor wooden decking boards, they give visual interest to your deck floor. Moreover, they work as focal point and add gorgeous two tone effect on your deck. With easy different stains, your deck won’t look ordinary anymore. On the other hand, your deck would be so lively.

Small Deck Box Plans

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Of course, you can make DIY deck box to enhance your deck’s look. This box will be used to store your important stuffs. DIY deck box is not only much cheaper than store-bought version, but also relatively easy to make. Be sure you only use good materials and cut the components at the right sizes.

  • Material List

For the materials, prepare 4 pieces of 2×2 lumber with 21” long (legs), 4 pieces of 1×4” lumber with 21” long & 4 pieces with 45” long (frame), 13 pieces of 1×4 lumber with 22 ½” long (floor), 12 pieces of 1×4 lumber with 21” long & 12 pieces with 45” long (walls).
Then, you also need 13 pieces of 1×4 lumber with 22 1/2” long & 2 pieces of 1×2 lumber with 45 ½” long (lid) &4 pieces of 1×2 lumber with 25 1/2” long and 3 pieces with 49 1/2” long (trims). Buy 2” brad nails, woode glue, paint, wood filler, 100 pieces of 2 1/2 “ screws and 100 pieces of 1 ¼” screws for the tools.

  • Deck Box Plans

First step to do is build its frame, dill the pocket holes at the end of each slats then insert screws into legs. After that, install deck’s floor and drill some pilot holes throught wooden slats. Then, insert screws into supports. Attach wooden slats between the posts as side walls and build the deck’s lid.

Small Balcony Deck Ideas

Amazing Small Balcony Deck Ideas

You can not take in the summer breeze comfortably without having balcony for entertaining. The square footage in your home actually could be used as lovely urban garden balcony.

Potted plants and flowers are abundantly placed in the balcony. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Plus, they seriously give charming character, new dimension and height to the balcony. Guaranteedly, it is truly refreshing and keeps your privacy.

Dressing Up Small Deck Ideas

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If you are considering to dress up your deck, wooden square-shaped lattice wall is a way to go. Position the lattice wall to the left or right side of the deck. Then, place climbing planters and roses exactly in front of the lattice walls.

Wooden lattice wall helps compliment the small space and create an illusion at the same time. In addition, the plants and roses grow up the wooden lattice wall after few years. Luckily, your deck’s wall will be filled with fragrant bloomy roses. It is gonna be the most stunning wall ever!

Small Porch Deck Ideas

Small Porch Deck Ideas

Tiny space does not matter at all. Because you can successfully make a cottage-inspired porch out of small space. First of all, you shall install shelves along your porch’s perimeters in order to get extra storages.

Then, position two rattan rocking chairs and a coffee tabble in the middle of the porch. These rocking chairs do not take up lot of spaces in the porch. For the door, it is better to opt for installing screen door. The last step is to load your porch with potted plants. They really bring you close to nature.

Small Deck Landscaping Ideas

Small Deck Landscaping images
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Do you want to have eye-catching outdoor nook? Just break up the areas of your small deck and it seems bigger than it actually is. By diving up the small space, you will able to make some specific zones. There are zones for reading, resting and hosting the guests.

You can install mid-height wooden lattice fences. Then, plant lush Bermuda grass to create an organized look. Furthermore, a big tree helps catch the attention in the corner of the deck. Square stone tiles are also featured here. As the result, you and your neighbors think that your deck is not tiny.

Contemporary Small Back Deck Ideas

Contemporary Small Back Deck Ideas

If you are not into classic things, I promise you would like trying this idea. Instead of placing a bulky sofa, you shall build small-sized black wooden fence. Because the fence is more space-saving than sofa. For the walls, black wooden lattice walls backed with solid black boards.

To add greenery and organic touches, place potted ferns and plants in your back deck. Then, the metal coffe table is painted in opaque black color. Place black and white grapic rug on the floor of the deck. These stuffs will not only make your room dramatically larger, but also so stylish.

Small Deck Edging Ideas

Small Deck Edging Ideas
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By edging, your deck would look more fabulous than before. That’s why you shall line the edge of your small deck with specific material such as bricks, woods and concretes. I suggest you to choose concretes for edging because they are simply categorized as long lasting edging material.

The concretes will make your deck’s edging well-defined and neat. Moreover, concretes also come in various finishings and colors. Concrete edging also adds different character and texture to your outdoor space. That’s why when you decide to create deck’s edging, concrete is the best way to go.

Small Deck Railing Ideas

Small Deck Railing Ideas
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You may pay attention too much on the design of your deck and you forget about the another element which is the deck railing. Before building your deck railing, you have to buy metal wagon wheels. If you purchase old wagon wheels, they are perfect for railing as well.

By installing wagon wheels, your deck railing will have rustic look. In addition, they create charming and neat style to the design of your deck. Once you choose wagon wheels as deck railing, you always fall for those items.

Small Deck Storage Ideas

Small Deck Storage Ideas

If you face storage issue on your tiny deck, you are not alone. There is a solution to every problem, right? Small rolling storage cabinet is the most recommended and best one. It is able to stash your pillows, cushions, tools and blankets. Plus, it takes up less space than the other storages.

Interestingly, you also can customise your rolling storage cabinet. By purchasing this cabinet, you tackle your storage issue in a creative way.

Place weatherproof storage cabinet in the corner of your deck. When it bores you, just move it to the another deck’s corner. Hence, those small deck ideas could help to inspire you. Pick up the idea which suit to your own budget and need. So, let’s get started!