32 Small Living Room Decoration Ideas 2017

In several homes, the family room is where families and their friends go to kick again and relax after a long day. In numerous homes, this room is also where the television, computer and other knickknacks get together and choke the space.

This is certainly even truer in a tiny living room, which fills up after placing simply a few pieces of furniture inside. For that reason, many people believe that creating a greater space is better but that isn’t always true. The trick to making a little family room great is to take benefit of the living space you already have.

Very small furniture isn’t a must, but there are also no need to fill the space with a giant lounger or table. Try to resist the temptation to complete the space when you don’t need to. This will likely just make you and your guests feel as if you’re being crowded out.

Design elements like shelving, hidden storage area, accent lighting and a solid color scheme also go a long way in making a tiny space seem to be larger. These 60 small family room ideas will give you some new ideas the very next time you feel your own space needs an upgrade.

1. Eclectic Elegance

small living room decoration ideas

This kind of little beauty highlights how each piece in a place can be wildly different yet still be unified. Visual interest is abounding in this small living room interior, from the golden leather ottomans to the glass and driftwood coffee table.

On the wall behind the settee, the chinoserie wallpaper and golden mirrors communicate to give the room a touch of flash without overstating their existence and drowning the sofa away. Each piece is similar to an unique cast member in a stage play or tv show. Every part in this room is small, but each part still has immense personality.

2. Earthly Pleasures

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This room has a money-saving secret in the design. Are you able to spot it? If your eyes proceeded to go to the rug, then you’re right. The square area rug is actually a part of broadloom and can actually save you quite a lttle bit of pocket change if you are creating on a tight budget.

Unlike most ordinary rugs, you can also slice have the broadloom trim to a specific size, meaning you can complete oddly-shaped spaces you didn’t have had the opportunity to or else. Best of all, you and your guests likely won’t notice the difference at first glimpse, meaning it can be your little home decoration secret.

3. Recreational Activities

small living room wall decor ideas

Have you ever ever seen a room in a magazine that was just so stunning you experienced to have it in your own home? When you might not exactly be able to recreate it perfectly, designing a tiny living room will not have to break your bank.

Print the picture away, take it with you to your selected furniture stores and have a little fun trying to match each piece. You probably won’t find perfect complements, but similar pieces you do find will feel a lot more personal and make the final space much cozier. For visual interest, try some thrift store finds.

4. Monochrome with Color

small living room wall color ideas

In case you just want to spice up a dull space, that one visual oddity can make all the difference. This runs specifically true in a tiny living room since there normally just isn’t much to look at. The rug in this room is a wonderful example because it breaks up the plainness and uniformity the area otherwise has.

It also accomplishes this without being overly intrusive. It also forces you to look down at the floor, then up at everything else within the room, ensuring you see every bit of the room’s contents. The proper accent items make a lot of difference.

5. The Fine Line

small living room accent wall ideas

This next room illustrates why decorating a tiny living room is difficult. When you want to generate a room stand out but are unsure how to do so, you may think of adding some visual interest pieces like pictures or pottery.

In a tiny space like this one, however, there is a very fine range between making your space look lived-in and making your space look sloppy. This room walks that line spectacularly with an array of shapes, sizes and colors that make it look like someone lives here already. Be sure each piece has a reason and a function.

6. A Marriage of Styles

small living room decorating ideas on a budget

What do you do when you don’t agree with your spouse on what to do with a space? This is an extremely common problem that just causes hurt feelings and a clear wallet. Alternatively than try to drive your style over their own, find out what elements each of you likes and incorporate both of your tastes into the room.

This small living room design is a relationship of masculine and woman with an exceptional blend bold lines and light accents. The ceiling light is also a perfect representation of the two merged styles, being both geometrical and curvaceous.

7. Wooden Wonder

small living room decorating ideas for apartments

If you are working with a little living room or a sizable living room, balance helps to make the difference in the world. This room proves that you don’t need unreasonable shapes or colors to make a beautiful space. The untreated dark walnut floorboards and the earthy color scheme come collectively to provide an beautiful balance of light, styles, textures and colors.

Nothing at all in this room boldy screams, “Look at myself! ” nevertheless the room also has just enough image interest to command your attention. If a room similar to this does not give you several small living room design ideas, little or nothing will.

8. New York Shorty

small living room ideas

Decorating a small living room is one thing, but decorating a small New York living room is a task and a half. This tiny abode is an exceptional study in taking advantage of what you have.

The exposed brick wall, wood floors and tall, sunny windows were already there when this designer showed up. The only thing it was missing was color, and this darling space is the result. This space is all about contrast with the plain white animal busts on the brick wall and the colorful sofa and armchair complementing the earth tones of the floor and wall.

9. Sunlight and Shadow

small living room ideas with tv

This space demonstrates why color choice has such a large impact on a room. It shows that sometimes, achieving a stellar small living room design is as simple as using black and white. Using black, white and grey as your primary colors and adding a pop of color here and there would be a dramatic departure from the norm.

The eye is drawn to color by nature, so it can be used to draw attention to specific areas of the room or it can be placed all over the room to provide a concise tour of the room in moments.

10. Mirror, Mirror

small living room ideas with fireplace

When you have to work with a room with an awkward shape, implementing the small living room designs that you love becomes a major challenge. It may not look like it, but this room had some incredible design challenges, including a cramped dining area.

To remedy this, the designer decided to hang some mirrors in the dining area. Not only does the space look larger, but it also transforms the way the dining area looks. By putting the chairs on one side and the mirrors on the other, the dining area doesn’t look nearly as small as it truly is.

11. Seabird’s Nest

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This cozy little space shows how small living room decor can quickly become an art form given the right pieces. In this room’s case, the abstract white sculptures on one wall and the feather painting on the other would probably point to an oceanic theme, but when you get to the blue area rug and notice the flowers, you begin to wonder if the room really is following a specific theme.

Without those pieces of wall art, the room would look stale and a bit generic, which shows how even one piece can transform a room’s look in unexpected ways.

12. From Warsaw

small living room ideas apartment

When it comes to a small living room organization is crucial. This tiny Warsaw home’s living room is no bigger than your average trailer and includes the dining area and bedroom, meaning space is at a premium. This is why the accent wall in this room uses vertical stripes: to make it look taller.

Not a single piece in this room is without purpose, from the shelf the television sits on to the small office niche at the end of the room. For instance, the track lighting in the ceiling replaces bulky floor lamps that would take up valuable space.

13. A Thousand Words

small living room designs apartments

Interior design for small living room is all about balancing and contrasts, which this next home has plenty of. This home, described by the designer as “Scandinavian Rustic,” further shows how one element can change a room dramatically.

This room possesses a wealth of 2D and 3D elements as well as polygonal and round elements. The eye-catching wall art literally defines how the space should feel, while the long and narrow sofa coupled with the two spool-like tables take advantage of the limited dimensions. The phrase “opposites attract” appear to be this room’s motto and it adheres to it well.

14. Urban Jungle

small living room arrangement ideas

In home design, one practice that novice designers avoid is mixing and matching patterns or textures. Many beginning designers stick with a uniform and consistent look in order to play it safe. While that isn’t necessarily bad, this room shows how rewarding it can be to get creative and take a few risks.

Leather, glass, metal, wood and even water join forces with lovely neutral tones, zebra print, jagged stripes and a spectacular art piece to create a small living room sure to get guests talking. There is so much going on in this room, but it isn’t overwhelming, either.

15. Grayscale

small living room decor ideas on a budget

We have already discussed how grayscale white can yield some amazing results, but what about grey? Since blue colored is often dismissed as a “depressing” color, designers usually avoid it in their small living room designs in favor of livelier colors.

Unsurprisingly in this cheerful Vancouver home, however, a soft and delicate color palette changes that depressing grey into an elegant silver. The result is a calming, warm and welcoming space that isn’t harsh on the eyes. The white makes the room lighter without being blinding, while the neutral wooden features add a sense of familiarity and warmth.

16. Cozy Teahouse

small living room ideas black leather sofa

Every thing about this next home is merely plain fun. Simply look at it! The moment you see it, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear. This is the impact that color has on home decor, and is also why using colors that reflect both the space as well as personality are vital.

What maintains the colors from being overwhelming to the eyesight is the fact that not everything is in color. This is thanks a lot to the white bits in the room. When small living room corporation is important, so is going outside the convention and just discovering what works.

17. Beauty in Collaboration

small living room ideas budget

If you get the feeling you’ve seen this room before, you are probably correct; this room was featured on Glitter Guide, one of the internet’s premier home, beauty and design personal blogs. Professional designers Michaela Noelle and Lauren Hooker switched to their online supporters to help them design this lovely space, introducing a home design try out wonderful results.

This just goes to show that collaboration is not a bad thing. If you don’t have an accurate plan in mind, a little guidance from friends and family members may give the inspiration you need to identify a design or theme.

18. Sandalwood

small living room ideas brown

This lovely small living room in house demonstrates the versatility of neutral tones and shows off how they can be just as glowing and happy as other colors. The fur highlights throughout the area keep the room from looking clean and welcome guests as they enter.

Although the space is rather sunny, the neutral tones still make it look like a quiet little hideaway. This kind of room also strikes a balance between round aspects and sharp angles, being sure that neither one will beat the other. This nice room embodies what home design should aspire to be: comforting, welcoming and fun.

19. Personalization

small living room ideas black and white

There is nothing at all wrong with making home design for small living room personal. It gives an unique character and charm exclusive to your house and makes it feel like your living room actually is yours. Incorporating family pictures, framed personal items and unique mementos into your design can make it all the more significant.

Just look at the black and white images on the wall in this room. Another dazzling factor in this room is the various streets names on the wall structure. If that is too personal for you, you could instead use towns you have lived in or visited.

20. Mellow Luxury

small living room ideas black

This small living room interior is great to behold. The strategic lighting paired with the room’s neutral hues is a sensational combination. That they somehow turn the moderate brown and tan room colors into stunning colours of copper and platinum, adding a luxurious air.

A surprising design choice is the tiled wall membrane behind the tv. It may appear out of place in the beginning, but the floor tiles act as pseudo wall mirrors, reflecting the room’s lamps and faintly reflecting their contents, making the area seem to be larger. Overall, this small living room design gets quite creative without straying off very far from the fundamentals.

21. Singaporean Retreat

small living room ideas blue

Zebra print, orange purple velvet and glossy black wall space probably does not include the direction most people would venture in as far as their own small living room ideas. In this case, however, it works tremendously well.

The vibrant multicolored artwork and the towering st?tte bookshelves help set the room’s dramatic yet real mood as do the exquisitely crafted wooden seats.

Even with the presentation black walls, the room still manages to be quite bright. A memorable room design like this one is perfect for many who love to leave a long-term impression prove guests long after they have still left.

22. All-important Lighting

small living room ideas brown sofa

This room is a great example of what good lighting can do to an area. In the “Ingenious Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces” category is this little number, which is sure to light up your life.

To hold all of the lighting in check, the space features a matte dark-colored wall and a lovely wooden wall across from it. These darker colors absorb a number of the light, keeping the plethora of lights from blinding you.

The textures in the room manipulate the light to their advantage, providing their own unique image interest. This room is probably amazing during the night.

23. Pretty Pink

small living room ideas black couch

It can probably one of the oldest home decor clich? s in existence: women want everything in green. As this cozy little room shows, pink basically an evil color in modern day design and, if found in moderation, can still yield some lovely results.

In this room’s circumstance, the plentiful sunlight arriving from the tall and stately windows give the room’s pink furniture a lighter pastel hue, minimizing its hold over the room’s overall color system.

Using your selected color is fine in moderation, just as long as you balance it out with other colors. Your sight and your guests will thank you.

24. Contemporary African

small living room ideas before and after

The following room is a parade of small living room design ideas and demonstrates that paint color basically the only thing to consider as far as looks go.

This room is balanced incredibly well. The smoothness of the leather seating and semicircle table contrasts the roughness of the shag square area rug, the fireplace, the umbrella and the tall schmuck in the background.

Ancient and new also come together in this room through the blend of modern-day furnishings and traditional masks on the still left side of the wall structure. Even lighting is showed in this room with light and shadow working in exquisite harmony.

25. Fourth Wall

small living room ideas cosy

This kind of is one of those small living room designs that uses one simple trick to pull off an amazing look. This kind of room is actually resting to you.

Even though it appears like all the room’s walls are painted dark-colored, the reality is that only one is. Linked with the floorboards and the furniture, this room is much like a little dark-colored dress: elegant, sleek and classic.

Founder suggests that if you need to replicate this look in your own home to paint whatever wall has a windows on it black and paint the rest white to preserve the room’s natural lighting.

26. Study in Symmetry

small living room ideas cheap

In the event that you where to take the decor from the tables, cut this room in half and put it up against a mirror, you probably wouldn’t manage to tell the difference. Symmetry is a common design theme, but this room takes it to a totally different level.

The mirrors on the wall only enhance the symmetry as well, rendering it appear as though all of those other house is equally shaped. Even the throw bedroom pillows are symmetrical in this space. This is where small living room firm and attention to depth make this room graceful without having to be formulaic or bland.

27. Lonely to Cozy

small living room ideas country

By 175 square feet, this Hungarian living room is as minute as it gets. Thanks to the shelving, mirrors, plush settee and big windows, however, this small living room doesn’t seem to be practically so small. Add in some fashionable and functional classic pieces and you have a tiny room with a major personality.

The rectangular stand on the left hand side in the forward actually folds out to seat six people, in some manner taking good thing about the room’s size constraints. The shelves unit lies such that the coffee table meets underneath it, giving the homeowner a space for a period of time yoga they love.

28. Minimalistic Finery

small living room christmas decoration ideas

This kind of interior design for small living room was so striking, it is available for download as a cellphone wallpaper. This minimal space is big on personality and visual interest. Although white is prevalent in this room, it does not dominate.

The two-tone green wallpaper, the stunning a glass coffee table and the ornate chandelier provide the space a touch of category. Additionally there is a healthy variety of textures at work, from the rough shag square area rug to the soft, lush throw pillows. Even the natural lighting is stored under control thanks to the teamwork of the accent wall and the flooring.

29. Cat Nap

small living room ideas corner sofa

This Brazilian beauty is filled with a plethora of clever small living room design ideas. This bright and vibrant room sits next to a sort of outdoor courtyard, incorporating its vegetable life into the room’s design despite the reality the plants aren’t in the room itself.

In addition, it does this by utilizing an impressive mirrored caffeine table for lighting. Right now there is an abundance of natural lighting during the day, so all you need to illuminate the room is redirect that light. The bold color scheme also takes full good thing about the room’s light, making a happy space exquisite for gatherings.

30. Levitation

small living room ideas contemporary

One of the features of small living room decor is that designers be forced to think outside the box and this home is a best example. The wall-mounted console has multiple purposes in a single, including as a generous screen space and a pc workplace.

Mounting the desk on the wall means a lot space for storage under, fewer cords to be concerned about and no furniture legs to worry about breaking. The workspace is oversized, therefore you won’t use all of it. Therefore you can place adornments, important books or everything else you may need on the same surface.

31. Seaside Chic

small living room ideas canada

In case you have a more eccentric style in small living room decor, the following room is for you. Artist Caitlin Wilson demonstrates how eclectic can be elegant with this bright and oceanic living room.

Dark blue blues, seafoam greens and coral pinks unify the nautical theme without circumventing out the pirate red flags and peg legs.

The wood flooring makes the space look like it belongs on a mail deck rather than making you think that you want to walk the cedar plank. Finally, the rug appears like flower petals suspended on the ocean’s surface, adhering to the theme in an unique way.

32. For Guests

small living room ideas condo

Sofa beds probably usually are all of that common in home designs, but in living room designs for small spaces, they might become a necessity. This one particularly helps to contribute a stylish and modern feel to this room, as does the jagged floor lamp.

This room also displays an outstanding mix of textures and colors, cementing the sofa bed’s place in the room. When you are having guests sleep over, a sofa bed is merely things you need in a tiny home, with out a guest bedroom. Could you have known this was a sofa foundation if it wasn’t described?