TV Stand Ideas

TV Stand Ideas

TV Stand Ideas – Nowadays, TV stand becomes one of the most essential home decorations. It completes the look of your home with a variety of materials and designs. TV stand ideas will also be helpful for people who are daunted by their flat screen TVs. Give a lovely home to your flat screen TV with a tasteful TV stand. It is a great way to offer attractive design and valuable function to your room.

We know that you want something more than just holding your TV. Various TV stands have broadened to be multi-functional. Most of them are featured by display storage space. Moreover, the creative designs help your room look more decorative. Any of these ideas will help you to choose the suitable TV stand plans. Let’s check them out!

How to Build a TV Stand for a Flat Screen TV

A television seems to be a must-have unit in every house. If your home has an amusement room, your TV might be the main source of entertaining media for the family. Although you don’t have a specific media room, the TV can be placed in any room like kitchen, bedroom, living room, and basement.

The TV is usually put on a cabinet, mounted on the wall, and placed in a stand. A TV stand provides an idea of holding TV, especially a flat screen TV. TV stand ideas should be well designed to get the best experience in your relaxing time.

There are some considerations to build a TV stand. Decide a perfect location, installation method, the best materials, a sturdy construction, and decorative styles. Thus, installing TV stand will be more functional. It also can beautify your home design.

Pallet TV Stand Ideas

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A good collaboration of skills and imagination will transform old discarded wooden pallets into remarkable pallet TV stand. Pallet furniture in this picture is one of great examples of using wooden pallets. The pallets will be more useful when they are built into pallet TV stand.

This TV stand has two open shelves at the top. There are small drawers and cabinet for display storages. The main focus belongs to the center part in which a TV is installed. Since it is a wall mounted TV stand, living room will be the best place. This fascinating pallet furniture offers home entertainment as well as functional storages.

Rustic TV Stand Plans

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This rustic TV table perfectly fits for any room in your house. The urban style can be installed in bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and living room. It features adjustable shelves behind doors. The shelves become storage space for media components.

There is a spacious bottom shelf. It allows you to stash your dining sets. Therefore, the urban TV stand can be used for both entertaining and dining purpose. This is not a small TV stand, so make sure that you have more free space in your room.

Dresser TV Stand

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How can you turn a dresser into a TV stand? Dresser TV stand ideas will inspire you to create or exactly redesign an old furniture. Repurposing a dresser as TV stand in your living room is a good way to have multi-functional entertainment center.

To make over the old dresser, the top drawers are removed to have open shelves for storing DVD player, projector, speaker, and any media you have. Sanding and priming repeatedly are the main process to renew the appearance of dresser sides. To get a modern look, you need to repaint with white paint finishing. It gives a new touch for a charming dresser TV stand.

Farmhouse TV Stand

Farmhouse TV Stand
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A wide selection of farmhouse TV tables includes wood, metal, and glass entertainment stands. This rustic TV stand offers a farmhouse look to your home media center. The elegant crafted white table will look great in your game room.

The hand crafted construction is inspired by the barn doors. The remote control can work if you open the doors. This farmhouse TV stand features functional rolling barn doors, sliding doors in the middle, two fix shelves, metal slide doors, and one shelf inside each cabinet.

Corner TV Stand

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Every room in a house has corners, but the mostly become useless areas. In fact, a corner of a room can be functioned as amusement place. Choose the best design that perfectly suit into the edge. The triangular shape make it easily fit into the corner. This unique style of wooden corner TV stand offers an attractive look to the room.

A simple open shelf TV stand has three display cases. The narrow shelf at the top is suitable for small furnishing details like photo frames. The middle shelf is belonging to the main TV area. The bottom shelf is used for digital devices and media accessories.

Floating TV Stand

A modern-day floating TV stand maintains flooring clear, so it becomes an enjoyable saving space solution to your room. Both flat screen TV and TV stand are mounted on the wall without intrusive on the floor space. This minimalistic yet charming looks will suit any interior in your living space.

The wall mountable TV stand has multiple functional storage spaces. At the bottom, there are four open shelves to store your multimedia devices like CD or DVD player. It has small shelves on both sides where books and DVDs can be organized.

The media resources will be connected easily with the wiring grommets at the back of the floating stand. To keep away dirt and dust, wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Wood TV Stand

Wood TV Stand

A natural oak color with light lacquer finishing adds the beauty of this wood TV stand. The internals are crafted with solid pine. It has a spacious drawer that provides useful storage. Actually, one drawer is uniquely made to look like two.

Each piece consists of clean angle edges which give a charming appearance. The entire drawers with dovetail joints bring a solid contemporary touch into your living area.

Flat Screen TV Stand

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Various styles for flat screen TV include rustic, modern, farmhouse, contemporary and industrial television stands. The most wanted TV stand ideas are the ones which have not only TV area but also display storage to stash your multimedia and connected devices. A large variety of sizes is available to fit into either small or spacious room.

This picture is an example of a DIY stand for flat screen TV. It features open and closed shelves behind two doors. This rustic design is finished with less distressing.

Hidden TV Stand

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Have you ever thought about hiding your TV in the cabinet? You often feel that TV in the living room or bedroom can be an eyesore. To build a hidden TV stand might be a good solution. The hidden TV stand allows you to slide up and down out of a cabinet.

A motorized TV lift can be installed inside a cabinet, in a ceiling, and on a wall behind the cabinet. If you think about installing a TV lift inside a cabinet, this picture shows you how built in hidden TV is look like.

This TV lift mounted in the cabinet has an electronic rack and pinion system. They are designed with unique stability system. The reversible mounting enables you to raise or lower your TV. It includes manual push switch, plug and play assembly, universal TV mounting bracket, and adjustable lid lifter.

70 inch TV Stand Ideas

70 inch TV Stand Ideas

Bring up contemporary feel to your living room with this 70 inch TV stand. It is made from wood veneer which has painted black finishing. It offers a sleek look to your home amusement center.

This TV stand features two large cupboards with unique sliding doors. The cupboards provide enough space to keep game components and organize electronic equipment. Installing 70 inch TV is the perfect addition to your media room.

Metal TV Stand

Metal TV Stand Ideas
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Industrial metal TV stand comes with a sleek and bold design. This black silver metal glass features a huge scale center console. It has much storage for audio and video consoles.

Additional towers and bridge provide more storage. The bridge positioned on the top to showcase your photos and books. CD and DVD player are placed at the bottom of TV area. The left and right piers form small open shelves which can be used to organize your media accessories.

Bookshelf TV Stand

Cool Bookshelf TV Stand
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Are you looking for an outstanding wall to wall entertainment center? Built in bookshelves with TV is the best solution for you. A unique TV area is surrounded by a large number of books. This white finishing bookshelf has a large shelf in the middle to place the TV. There are a lot of small open shelves at the top, bottom, and both sides.

You can display your book collection on the shelves. Your refreshing moments will be so fascinating. You are not only entertained by watching TV, but also interested on reading your favorite books in the whole day.

TV Pedestal Stand

Modern TV Pedestal Stand
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Style, comfort, and price will influence home owners to buy a pedestal TV stand. A beautiful design of TV pedestal sets the ambiance of your room. The TV stand styles vary from traditional, contemporary, and modern.

Grace your amusement room with innovative TV pedestal stand. That room is a crucial space where you can create sweet memories with family and friends.

The following TV pedestal with swan neck design is able to mount your TV at a perfect height. It doesn’t need to be attached on the wall. It offers flexibility due to the height adjustable shelf. Do not worry about tip over and accidental knocks because the pedestal is protected by secure mounting technology.

Portable TV Stand

How to make Portable TV Stand
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Security and support are two major points to choose this portable TV stand. You can safely move the stand when it is loaded with the TV set. This unit has a durable base and sturdy wheels for the mobility improvement.

This portable TV stand comes with elegant design, good durability, and rust resistant. The frame can support up to a hundred pounds of weight since it is made from top-grade powder-coated steel.

The height can be adjusted to get the right view. Due to the best features, it is totally suitable for home and office use.

Outdoor TV Stand

Outdoor TV Stand
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Sometimes you have an outdoor party and need to entertain your guest. To enhance your outdoor entertainment, you need to install a TV stand. Importantly, consider the right location to place the TV.

For example, placing your TV stand under a gazebo will provide the best protection from outside elements. Also avoid of getting direct sunlight to enhance the viewing experience.

To reduce your TV from weather exposure, it is better to place your TV in a cabinet. It is made from wood that has great sturdiness in outdoor. A free space is available for a sound bar to adjust the volume. The cabinet provides side opening doors and ultimate viewing pleasure.

Fireplace TV Stand

Fireplace TV Stand
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Combining your TV stand with a built in electric fireplace will create a warm entertaining space during the cold winter. You will get some heat while watching TV at home. Fireplace TV stand with an enclosed storage becomes a popular option. It gives you enough space for keeping games and DVDs.

When you need to have an amusement area at the corner, the corner fireplace stand with triangular shapes will fit into the edges easily. It offers more options if you want to rearrange your living room.

Choose fireplace TV stand color to suit for the room design. Either black or white, neutral color goes well with most colors. For instance, black will blend in with dark blue walls and it won’t stand out. While white tends to give a clean and pure look to your room.


Some creative TV stand ideas have been listed above. Hopefully you are easily guided to choose which unit is able to fulfill the criteria of the best TV stand for your home.

No matter what style of home décor you have, there will be an idea in this article that should perfectly go with yours. Now it is your time to begin the hunt!